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Beyond Brush Arts studio provides professional fine arts training for children, teens, and adults in the Bay Area. Serving Sunnyvale, Mountain View Palo Alto, Cupertino, Los Altos and Santa Clara.

Beyond Brush Arts studio provides professional fine arts training for children, teens, and adults in the Bay Area. Serving Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Los Altos and Santa Clara.

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Our studio offers virtual classes online during COVID-19 closures.

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Elementory to High School Students learn pre-professional fine arts.

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College and adults welcome.


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Professional Art Training Near You

The place for Sunnyvale artists who are seeking pre-professional fine arts training, and anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding and skills in fine arts.

Nalyne Gunggavakin, Founder and Creative Director
Beyond Brush Art Studio is the premier creative space in the Bay Area founded in 2004, by Nalyne Gunggavakin. This is an ideal place for artists who are seeking pre-professional fine arts training as well as those who wish to deepen their understanding and skills in fine arts. Although, the emphasis is on drawing and painting, the curriculum promotes interdisciplinary training in other media.
The class size is no more than 10 students. The studio is spacious, light filled and fully equipped with the best art making materials. It is also an inspiring space for writers. Beyond Brush Art Studio methodology fosters creativity, manual dexterity, self motivation, problem solving and communication skills.
Beyond Brush Art Studio provides a rich visual arts, art history and creative writing program for beginners to advance levels. For those who are soon college bound, the curriculum is designed to help you transition in to a 4 year college. Classes are offered year round during the week and Saturdays.

Studying fine arts is similar to learning a new language. One must learn the vocabulary, grammar, nuances and cultural aspects of the language in order to fully express yourself. Beyond Brush Art Studio is dedicated to helping students master the language of art. Your child will enjoy the benefits of Art education early on. Beyond Brush Art Studio also offer college level adult painting classes and private lessons.

Beyond Brush Art Studio’s mission is to preserve and further the academic study of fine arts and art history. The goal is to elevate to the standards of education by utilizing the arts as a vehicle to enhance and reinvigorate the learning process. Equal emphasis is placed on the learning process and craftsmanship. Pedagogy is broad and derives from a college based curriculum for grades 7 to adults. For grades 3 – 6, we have an age appropriate, yet challenging fine arts curriculum.

The curriculum embraces the Eight Habits of Mind, from the “Studio Thinking” Framework by Harvard’s Project Zero (an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.)

When a young artist finds the right mentor, everything is possible!

Brynne has been studying at Beyond Brush Art Studio since January 2009. She is now in 10th grade. She looks forward to attending art classes weekly. She says the studio is her sanctuary and oasis of artistic solitude where she can get away from it all. This latest piece is her crowning achievement! The painting is inspired by the sights, sound, and tactile memories of the Big Island. The piece is a fine balance of abstract and representational imageries of the Big Island. She is in the pre-professional track and plans to major in painting in college. See details of painting under “Gallery.”

A place for pre-professional fine arts training for Elementary to High School students…

A place for pre-professional fine arts training for Elementary to High School students… Students in Studio Art are trained in classical, modern and contemporary painting techniques. Knowledge of art history and criticism goes hand in hand with being a visual artist.Ryan, now 12th grader, is doing excellent in AP Studio Art. He said the foundations and Art History taught by Mrs. Lunati have helped him enormously to propel him as a mover and shaker in the art world! He has been studying here since summer 2008. His inspiration comes from a wide range of master painters, from Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Hans Hofmann, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, and Gerhard Richter. He is inspired by various artistic lineages, particularly, Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting, and Geometric Abstraction. Ryan plans to double major in Business Administration and Painting. See details of painting under “Gallery.”

What Our Students Have to Say

My time spent with Nalyne at Beyond Brush Art Studio was a fundamental point in the beginning of my art career. I am now currently enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the top five art colleges in the United States.
I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend enrolling in classes at Beyond Brush Arts! Nalyne is an outstanding individual and an outstanding art instructor! I took classes with her ever since I was nine, and she’s gs top of my class. I owe it all to Nalyne!
Nalyne is one of the most passionate and talented artists I have had the pleasure of working with. I have always treasured the time I spent as her student. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of art, but I also developed a love for culture and ideas that I had never been exposed to. From cubism to organic pigments, Nalyne explores a variety of artistic techniques and history that no other school does...
My daughter (age 11) has been taking weekly art training at Beyond Brush for almost a year. She absolutely loves it! The instructor has a wonderful way of relating to the kids. The classes are organized and sequential, allowing students to build on skills each week. When my daughter brought home her first finished piece it was so great I had to frame it and it hangs in our kitchen.

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